About Us

Soil Agriculture Green is a company of agricultural production which started out in 2011, its founder and director is entrepreneur José Ignacio Portela, a nature lover, born and raised in the countryside, in 2011 José Ignacio founds Soil Agriculture Green together with excellent technicians and advisors which make it today an established company in the agricultural livestock market and a reliable choice for investors from all over the world.

Soil Agriculture Green has as its initial investors, clients and friends of Black River Outfitters, a hunting company dedicated to the hunting of pen in Uruguay, this was founded in 2004 by the brothers Juan Pablo and Jose Ignacio Portela, leader in selling packages of hunting in the United States and one of the most prestigious in the country. Promoting Uruguay as a hunting destination is the perfect reason to publicize a country with such characteristics; security and stability as well as a good volume of birds are the main reason why each year hunters from all over the world choose Uruguay as a destination for their holiday break. Our customers and friends of Black River Outfitters have encouraged us to create Soil Agriculture Green, by trusting and investing in our products.

When investing in land, the combination of agriculture and livestock make it difficult to achieve profitability in a world of increasingly unstable and risky financial products. Uruguay with its clear rules and smooth transitions, which destabilize the competitiveness of production, becomes "the" destination of capitals, seeking security and stability with very good income.

A well-formed team consisting of agronomists, agricultural technicians, accountants and lawyers amongst others; with experience enough to find, evaluate and manage agricultural land either own or leased to generating value, quality and safety for the investment groups.

Our varied agricultural procedures include crops such as soy, wheat, corn, rice, dairy, cattle, sheep and other products deriving from farming such as the synergetic tourism. With our experience in management and operational aspects, we have been applying advanced techniques, creating a simple and efficient production platform.

Ruta 24 Km 80 - Cno Dr. Roslik - Est. San Cirilo, Río Negro, Uruguay | +598 98 144 762 | +598 2711 1820 | Phone USA  318 965 7355 | info@soilag.com